Environmental Excellence

Superfund – CERCLA / RCRA / (ID/IQ)

Eco has extensive experience working on Superfund sites over the past 6 years. Activities include well installations, environmental sampling, regulatory agency meetings and presentations. Efforts have also included repair and maintenance of the RCRA cap on one of the sites.
Superfund Site Brown & Bryant
Arvin, CA

Camp Haan Superfund Site
Riverside, CA

Construction Management

Eco provides full-service construction management services from project planning and inception through construction and start-up. Eco believes that quality construction monitoring services are key to successful project completion
One Megawatt Wind Turbine
Ft Huachuca, AZ

As-Built Runway Survey
Edwards Air Force Base, CA

Underground Storage Tanks

We at Eco & Associates pride ourselves in providing safe, efficient and cost-effective UST removal. Our staff has experience in all aspects of UST removal including characterization, excavation, cleaning, reporting and sampling. We have coordinated and managed UST removals for a variety of industrial and public sector clients.
UST Removal Marysville Airfield
Yuba County, California

Removal of five 10,000 Gallon
UST Los Alamitos, CA

Site Assessments and Characterizations

Eco develops cost-effective approaches for providing site assessments and characterization for the presence of hazardous waste for various governmental, retail, commercial, and industrial sites. By understanding environmental statutes and regulations and developing strong working relationships with regulatory agencies, Eco’s staff anticipates the needs of our clients regarding scheduling, approach, and cost. Significant environmental health risks can be identified and documented in conjunction with hazardous wastes on land, in soil, or in groundwater. Our personnel design and oversee the implementation of remediation plans to mitigate environmental impacts at various types of hazardous waste sites.
Soil Investigation / Excavation
Carson, CA

Soil Investigations
City of Pomona, CA

GIS, Software Engineering, & Data Management Services

Eco & Associates has produced custom software that dramatically reduces the time, effort, and cost of managing data associated to environmental sites. This web-based information management system acts as a central GIS and Chemistry analysis share point enabling more efficient workflows.
GIS Processing and Software
340 FUDS Sites Nationwide

GIS Environmental Management
System So. Cal Gas

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