Environmental Excellence

Site Assessments

Site Assessments
  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
  • Phase II Environmental Site Assessment
  • Review of general geology and hydrogeology
  • Search of regulatory records
  • Reconnaissance of the Site and surrounding area
  • Reporting of findings and conclusions

Eco develops cost-effective approaches for conducting site assessments and characterization to identify the presence of hazardous waste or materials for various governmental, retail, commercial, utility, and industrial properties. Eco project managers understand environmental statutes and regulations and have developed strong working relationships with regulatory agencies. Eco’s staff understands the needs of our clients regarding scheduling and cost.

Significant environmental health risks can be identified in conjunction with hazardous waste on land, in soil, or in groundwater. Our personnel design and oversee the implementation of remediation plans to mitigate environmental impacts at contaminated sites. Eco services include soil and groundwater investigations, groundwater and vadose zone monitoring systems, in compliance with regulatory agency requirements.

Associated Projects

Phase I and II Site Assesments
Montery Park, CA

Soil Investigation / Excavation
Carson, CA