Environmental Excellence


Independent research at Eco takes its beginning in 2010 when the research group was first established and became operational at the company. Over the past few years of its existence, Eco research has produced articles on environmental statistical methodology, sampling design, fate and transport analysis and others.

One of the first research projects was dedicated to the empirical study of groundwater contamination. Guided by the groundwater sampling data collected by Eco at one of its sites, constructed empirical model enabled Eco to delineate the plume and predict its evolution

One of the most interesting projects was the analytical model of fate and transport developed by Eco researchers. Based on this model, analytical formula for natural attenuation was derived and new estimates for attenuation time and distance were developed.

One of the main directions in Eco research is developing statistical methodology that would enhance Eco’s capability to effectively conduct its site investigations and remediation work. Eco has published several papers on this subject.

Eco has conducted preliminary research on finding new analytical solutions in one and three dimensions to the fate and transport equation with transient boundary conditions. This research is in progress; its results will soon be published and made available to general readers.