Environmental Excellence


Incomplete List of Publications:

  1. Z. Khviengia, A Theory of Etheric Environment, Eco Report # ECO-10-430-111501, 7p., 2015.(Abstract, Abridged Version)
  2. Z. Khviengia, User’s Manual for the Fate and Transport Analysis Software Developed by Eco, Eco Report # ECO-10-430-051501, 13p., 2015.(Abstract, Full Text, Excel File)
  3. Z. Khviengia and M. Estiri, Analytical Solutions to the Problem of Natural Attenuation, Eco Report # ECO-10-430-091403, 15p., 2014. (Published in ASA-CSSA-SSSA Annual Meeting Abstracts, Long Beach, CA, 2014).(Abstract, Full Text)
  4. Z. Khviengia, A New Statistical Test for Seasonality, Eco Report # ECO-10-430-011301, 8p., 2013.(Abstract, Full Text)
  5. Z. Khviengia, Deep Groundwater as an Underground System of Water Supplies on Earth, Eco Report # ECO-10-430-101201, 5p., 2012.(Abstract, Full Text)
  6. Z. Khviengia, A Review of Sampling Methods Available for Environmental Workers, Eco Report # ECO-10-430-031202, 19p., 2012.(Abstract, Full Text)
  7. Z. Khviengia, Research Design, Eco Report #ECO-10-430-011101, 13p., 2011. (Abstract)
  8. Z. Khviengia, Geothermal Model of Earth, Eco Report # ECO-10-430-111001, 11p., 2010.(Abstract)