Environmental Excellence


Analytical Solutions of the Fate and Transport Equation – This is a series of articles in progress that are dedicated to the generalization of existing solutions of fate and transport equation to arbitrary boundary conditions.

Energy Environment – This theoretical research studied energy as an environment that can influence matter and condition its state. Calling pure energy the ether and relating it to the esoteric notion of ether, a theory of etheric environment was developed.

Modeling Plume Evolution – This is a Microsoft excel spreadsheet based software developed for groundwater contamination analysis. Its main advantage is its ability is to analyze contaminated sites with the irregular and time-varying sources.

Fate and Transport Analytical Study – This technical work discussed one-dimensional fate and transport equation and its analytical solutions; studied their asymptotic expansions and application to the problem of natural attenuation.

Test for Seasonality – This was an original work in statistics that developed a new statistical test for seasonality and discussed its applications. This practical study gave a clear definition of seasonality as a variable and offered several tests to statistically determine its presence in a data set. There are only very few statistical tests that can test for seasonality. Developed by Eco test is the only one that provides a definition of the quantity for which the test is conducted.

Deep Groundwater as the Source of All Water on Earth – This was a theoretical work that conjectured existence of deep groundwater, below the known to us aquifers, that has not yet been detected and studied. It postulated the existence of an interconnected system of persistent water supplies in the deep underground, expression of which this groundwater could be considered to be.

Sampling Methodology – This study led to the creation of a reference booklet on basic sampling methods in inferential statistics for an environmental worker. It reviewed existing sampling methods and basic concepts of inferential statistics.

Research Design – This work discussed possible extensions of and develops an alternative approach to statistical research in the environmental setting.

Geothermal Energy – This theoretical research developed a dynamic model of heat as it reaches the surface of Earth from its interior. Largely empirical, this model is an alternative to existing models of geothermal energy.