Environmental Excellence

Application Development, Library Digitization and GIS Services
Carson, CA

Project Information
Library Digitization & GIS<br> <font color:#ccc>
Software Carson, CA</font>
  • Application Development
  • Document Scanning and Processing
  • GIS Data Management

To assist the Redevelopment Agency in Carson, Eco provided custom software to easily share and track documents related to parcels within the City’s redevelopment areas. Eco collected and scanned the paper document library and processed items into digital format. Each document was then linked to its assocated parcel.

Eco created a custom web-based application to provide a central management and sharepoint so documents could be easily distributed by simply clicking on the parcel or searching for their street or parcel number.

To assist in adoption of the new application, an online video based training manual was produced to facilitate an easy transition to the new system.

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