Environmental Excellence

Construction of Large Area Maintenance Facilities
Fort Huachuca, AZ

Project Information
Large Area Maintenance &<br>
Construction Fort Huachuca, AZ
  • Workplan, Accident Prevention Plan, Contractor Quality Control Plan
  • Technical Submittals
  • Grading
  • Concrete building pads
  • Utility Lines
  • Mechanical Equipment
  • Electrical and Instrumentation Components
  • Electrionic Communications
  • 40,000 gallon storage tank

US Army Corps of Engineers contracted Eco to provide services for the construction of multiple Large Area Maintenance Facilities located within the Fort Huachuca Army Base.

The primary objective of the fieldwork at the site consisted of installing components for the construction of LAMS at three locations within the Fort. A building pad, concrete pad, one or two concrete ramps, trench, and conduits were provided for each Site location. Also, lines were established to connect each building to the main lines for natural gas, potable water, electric, and sewer. Electrical lighting and outlets, and heating, fire alarm, and restroom facilities were also provided for each building.

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