Environmental Excellence

Remedial Design & Remedial Action

Remedial Design & Remedial Action
  • Identify & Characterize Site Contamination
  • Characterize site geology/hydrology
  • Conduct Site Monitoring and submit reports to lead environmental agencies
  • Obtain site closure

Eco provides excellence in remedial design and remedial action. With the innovation of our staff and collaboration with our clients, we are able to design custom remedial action methods for the specific needs determined on site.

The discovery and characterization of hazardous materials on a property are commonly followed by development of a remedial action plan. Eco personnel prepare and implement the following remediation services for governmental clients, owners, and operators of degraded properties:
  • Design, preparation, and implementation of remediation plan
  • Construction, operation, maintenance, and management of remediation systems
  • Design Remediation Systems:
    Vapor Extraction
    Groundwater Pump & Treat
    Excavate and Haul Away
  • Site closure reporting and documentation

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