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Landfill Gas & Groundwater Monitoring
Camp Roberts, CA

Project Information
Landfill Monitoring<br>
Camp Roberts, CA
  • Well Sampling
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control Samples

Eco was contracted to perform one semi-annual groundwater and vadose zone monitoring and sampling at the Camp Roberts Landfill in Camp Roberts, CA. The site is a federally owned facility that is operated by the California Army National Guard, and was built between 1941 and 1942. The site has been used as a staging area and training during World War II and the Korean War and is currently being used for training military units from the western United States Fifth Army.

Camp Roberts is located in the Salinas River valley in the central-southern portion of the Coast Ranges. The landfill is located in the low hills that flank the Salinas River valley to the southwest and is located within a small canyon floor. During operation, the landfill received approximately 100 tons of municipal solid waste per month. The operation was ceased in October 2003.

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