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Soil Investigation and Excavation
Carson, CA

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Soil Investigation / Excavation<br>
Carson, CA
  • Soil Investigation
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Based on the scenario developed by previous investigations, Eco initiated excavation operations on the site. Soil excavation, stockpiling, characterization, and transport off-site for disposal was performed under Eco oversight. Excavation activities revealed that contaminated soil was still evident at depths of 13 feet, far in excess of the 5 feet or less depth previously estimated. In just two days, Eco and the remediation contractor excavated 2,671 tons of contaminated soil. The client was apprised of this development and the unanticipated volume, lateral extent, and depth of contamination. Seven soil samples from the walls and floor of the excavation were collected and analyzed.

With the concurrence of the client, Eco excavated six exploratory trenches within and immediately adjacent to the area previously excavated. The purpose of these trenches was to delineate the horizontal and vertical extent of impacted soil. Visibly contaminated soil was encountered within four trenches at depths of 17 feet. Due to limitations of the trenching backhoes, the full depth of impacted soil was not confirmed during exploratory trenching. Eco recommended a complete delineation of the contaminated soil using borings.

Subsequently, a subsurface soil investigation was conducted at the site. This investigation included the collection of soil samples from 11 boring locations. The depth and sampling intervals were controlled by the presence of visibly contaminated soils and the use of Photo-Ionization Detectors to check head space. The collected soil samples were then analyzed. The soil samples identified the vertical and horizontal contamination. Based on the results of this investigation, a conceptual model of the site was developed and a Remedial Action Plan was prepared.

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