Environmental Excellence

Phase I and II Site Assessments & Aerially Deposited Lead
Montery Park, CA

Project Information
Phase I and II Site Assesments<br>
Montery Park, CA
  • Phase I ESA

The City of Monterey Park Redevelopment Agency engaged Eco to perform a Phase I ESA for the Paramount Boulevard On- andOff-Ramps at State Highway 60 in Montebello, CA. The project was to improve the interchange by expansion of the existing On- andOff-Ramps to the Pomona Freeway. The Phase I ESA was conducted in general accordance with the scope and limitations of American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) E1527-05 Standards.

No environmental concerns associated with the property were identified. However, based on experience with similar projects, Eco recommended investigations for aerially deposited lead (ADL) and weed control chemicals for the unimproved areas adjacent to the roadways where excavations were planned. Subsequently, Eco was retained to prepare a Work Plan for a Phase II ESA on the site and an investigation into ADL. The lead testing was completed in accordance with the California Department of Transportations’ (Caltrans) guidelines. Over 100 samples were proposed from both sides of the highway.

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